Our Product Capabilities

With a 60,000 square foot plant housing over one-hundred Cam multi-spindle screw machines and fifty secondary operations machines, MSP can meet your precision turned parts needs.

Multi Operations (Primary)

- ID Tolerances to 10 microns
- OD Tolerances to 15 microns

Secondary Operations such as grinding, vibratory deburring & finishing, forming and piercing presses, broaching, cross drilling & milling, hard turning, assembly operations and high precision cleaning.

acme toolslide

Secondary Operations


Through-feed and infeed

- OD tolerances to 8 microns
- Surface finishes to 2Rz

Vibratory finishing & deburring

- Deburring, surface finishing & edge rounding
- Surface finishes to <2 Rz

Forming & Piercing

- Cold forming
- Notching
- Piercing Holes

Precision Cleaning

Precision Cleaning

- <200 microns metallic
- <300 microns non-metallic

Cross Drilling & Milling

- Custom applications
- Tolerancing dependent on application

Hard Turning

- OD to 10 microns
- Surface finishes to 1Rz

Assembly Operations

Custom applications

- Threaded
- Press-fit
- Over-molds
- O-rings
- Other components


Internal & External

- Flats
- Polygon
- Slots
- Tolerances to <25 microns

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